DC Villains Mug Shots - Evil isn't just unavoidable, it's necessary.

DC comics have an epic list of amazing 'love to hate them' villains, and lucky for Batman, he has to face off against some of the greatest. While many enjoy to cosplay as the heroes, I dare say many more enjoy being the villain. Taking a minute to let madness flow through you as the joker or taste the immense power and influence of Ra's Al Ghul, its fun to be the villain. More than fun in fact, its necessary. What would Superman be doing if their wasn't a bad guy throwing civilians off buildings. I imagine reporting at the Daily Planet would get a little dull for the man of steel.  So enjoy some shots of these wanted criminals, and take to heart what they say in Necessary Evil "In a world where right and wrong are not absolute, where shades of grey exist in life as well as the comic page, evil isn't just unavoidable, it's necessary."