Halloween 2014

Several galaxies away a girl sits at her window looking at the stars. He large eyes and long neck glow from the bright lights of the city below. The lights make it hard to see, but far in the distance a star shines faintly.

The scouting team came back like they always did. It had been decades since the mission to search the universe for life had started. But last year finally provided results. A single planet on the far side of the milky way galaxy. A little blue world the inhabitants called “Earth.”

Galataia had always been an adventurer. From her time as a child getting lost exploring the tall leaves of the Gitori forest, to her current work studying the wildlife of her planet of Gintag she was always excited by new things. Unlike the rest of her planet she was excited to meet the inhabitants of this new planet, not just observe from afar like the scouts did.

She read the reports and learned of a fascinating earth holiday when everyone adorns colorful clothing and changes their appearance to something completely different from their own Homo Sapien species. This was her chance; she could walk the earth amongst the humans. No need to disguise her long neck and green skin. She adorns her best dress and her nicest jewelry. A ship lands at her door, she steps in and puts in the coordinates. She looks to the sky and starts the engine. “As they say on that planet on this day ‘Trick or Treat.’”