Jerry Jewell

I had the pleasure of attending JMAC DePauls Voice Actor event. As a fan of anime I love attending events like this. This time was even better with Jerry Jewell as the guest. Jerry is known for characters such as; “Kyo Sohma” from Fruits Basket, "Claire" from Baccano!, "Jin" from YuYu Hakusho, and many more. Jerry was a delight to listen to as he beckoned the crowd for questions about his professions. The crowd delighted in learning about the details of the voice actor profession, and the process a show goes through before production. As well as some hilarious stories of his past projects and jokes members of Funimation play on each other. I’m looking forward to some future projects we were told about and look forward to seeing what Jerry does with his new position of director. In the words of Jerry Jewell “I am a psychopathic Vampire Bunny.”