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How are you feeling?

Every day I scroll through my social media feed to see people filling it with happiness and good times. And I understand, we all want to live our best life, the fun times are the most exciting to share with the world. But no ones life is all sunshine. We all have bad times and we all hide from the world when dealing with issues of anger, depression, jealousy, and sadness. And I'm no different. The closest thing you'll see to me expressing my sadness is when I don't post for a while. 

Its rough to think we all seek to hide ourselves in times when we most need love and acceptance from our friends and family. Its not fun and it may not need to happen on social media but its dangerous to go through times like that and try to bottle it up. Everyone needs to talk, everyone needs to express how they feel. I'm not saying it will necessarily fix your problems but at least it won't be an anchor on your mind. Something about talking things out releases a weight on your life. And because of that tomorrow will be, at least a little, better.

That's where the inspiration for this shoot came from. I wanted to show all the different emotions people go through. Happiness and love are absolutely amazing, but they aren't the only parts of us. The others need attention too.

Many thanks to my beautiful and talented model Callie Botkin (@Calliebotkin) who I'm forever impressed with for her ability to convey all these different emotions on camera.

Emotional - Callie March 2018 BLUR.jpg