Happy Easter 2018

HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE! I would like to introduce my newest little model, Griffin. 

This little cutie was brought to me from my other model Dee. The concept for the shoot was pretty simple. Use a cute little bunny to represent Easter. I originally had planned to edit him multiple times over to make it look like a whole colony of bunnies. But the initial test for that ended up looking rather like a grayish blob. So I decided to use my favorite of the bunny poses, when we put him on Dee's head.

I haven't done much photography work with animals so I wanted to keep the setup simple since I didn't know how the little guy would react. Turned out he was the perfect little model. Super calm and would easily stay in whatever pose we would put him in, much to his mommies surprise.

The large bunny version was just something fun I've always wanted to try out. I knew I wanted a dancer interacting with a large creature; so when I was doing the bunny shoot it just seemed rather perfect. I think I would enjoy doing more animal photography, so long as it involves another person. At heart I know myself to be a portrait photographer so I don't think Ill be signing up to shoot for dog shows or national geographic anytime soon.


Easter 2018 - Dee Bunny.jpg
Easter Giant Bunny 2018.jpg