St Patricks Day 2018

Feeling lucky? ☘️
Happy St Patrick's Day everyone! This shoot was inspired by lots of fan art I've seen of the Batman Villain Poison Ivy. I knew I wanted to do something different and not just relating to cocktails like I do most St Patricks days. And I just happened to be on my tumblr feed when Ivy came up and thats where the idea was born. It turned out to be more difficult to get clovers than I expected. Most parks had rather gross looking clover fields, and the plastic clovers I ordered from amazon showed up looking like pink flowers (they weren't even green, wtf) luckily a trip to hobby lobby had the plant you see in the image. Just a little photo manipulation and St Patty Ivy was born. And many thanks to my beautiful model Valerie for being my little poison ivy leprechaun. 💚