Into the Mist

His eyes weakly opened to the tent filled with light. The sun must have just rose. The morning cold gives him shivers as he leaves the warmth of his sleeping bag and the resting girl within. He puts on yesterdays jeans and slips out.

The forest greats him with the moist dew of the morning and a mist surrounding the trees. He passes by the now cold wood of last nights fire and moves carefully around the spilled food and discarded beer cans. Grabbing a lone can left in the cooler he leaves the clearing and enters the dense forest. Damp leaves rub against his skin as he tries to maneuver around them, doing his best to keep his footing in the thick mist.

Careful to not let his new friend know of his habit he moves out of sight of the campgrounds. Once sufficiently hidden he cracks the beer and quickly downs it. The drink satisfying the dry taste in his mouth. He lets the can fall to the grassy floor, then pulls out his carton and lighter. The flame quickly lights the end of his cigarette and with a long inhale his body warms and his muscles relax.

A few drags later he tosses the butt at a tree. He moves to take the same path back to his camp. After a few steps the mist becomes so thick he can't see. His eyelids feel heavy. Moving through the brush he strains his eyes to find the colorful tents of his campground. A few more steps and he stops, pulling out his cell phone in an attempt to shine a light through the mist. The phone is heavy in his hand. So tired. The phone falls to the ground, he quickly looks down to retrieve it. But the mist is too thick. He can't see his feet, he reaches around for the device but can't feel it. In fact, he can't feel anything.

The touch of the ground isn't there. No warmth from his legs. No cold from the mist. He straightens, his eyes start to blur. So tired. He tries to rub his hands for warmth but they pass through each other. He brings his hands close to his face but the are gone. The mist thickens. So tired. With another look he tries to see his camp but the world is white. So tired. His eyes close. A cool wind hits him in the face, he sleeps.

Lost in the forest a cell phones ring echos.