I think most would agree with me when I say that when it comes to a dining experience the most important factor, second only to food and taste, is atmosphere. It has been a while since I stepped into an establishment that gave me such a good natural feeling, even before my first bite. That’s the experience you get when you step into Begin. You are greeted with soft soulful music like that of a lounge singer. As you are greeted by the friendly hostess you bask in the cool interior inspired by the very name of the restaurant. As you appreciate the artwork of dandelions blowing in the wind it’s easy to appreciate Begins theme of starting something anew. While the food is amazing, I highly recommend dinning in to get the full experience. Sit down, have an iced coffee, look over the menu, listen to the music, and just reflect. As they say “Every… dream fulfilled begins with a simple wish…”