C2E2 2013

Those of you who follow my blog are well aware that I am a big anime fan and con goer. However, for whatever reason I have never been to a comic convention, until now. I can’t describe my disappointment in myself for missing out on these events for all these years. C2E2 had the exact same energy and passion as any anime convention I’ve been to, it’s just a different art. The cosplay, both playful and serious, were fantastic to see, I was running around like a kid who just finished his Halloween candy. New things to see every hour, I could revisit the same spot dozens of times and find something new going on. And even though it was a comic convention all types were present; Anime, Star Wars, Disney, Star Trek, and many others. To anyone who has never experienced this type of event, do yourself a favor and find one near you. It is an experience you will never forget. www.c2e2.com