Windy City Fairy

I've done alot in my time up to leaving Chicago. Most of it consisted of wrapping up Chicago clients, visiting some missed museums (Adler), finally eating at some legendary restaurants (Kumas Corner), and of course taking lots and lots of pictures. This is one of the last photoshoots I did in the city. A friend of mine had her heart set on a fairy themed shoot. So with the fun idea to light paint her wings, we ventured into the park around midnight. Heavily armed with lights, stands, diffusion, and a large metal tripod to warn off any possibly problematic passerby's (dark park at night with a bikini clad model tends to not be a super safe combo). After several light painting techniques, we found (surprise surprise) the iphone gave us the best light trail. The final result is a little editing to make the wings the same on each side. Not bad for a last shoot.

Have you ever played with light painting? Tell me about it.